ComUnit   Nederlands

MBDC has a Mini-Computer for Com-Port read-out: ComUnit.

With this Unit we can read-out every device with a Com-Port like Scales and RFID-readers and make the data available through a wired or wireless network.

The ComUnit can read-out 2 Com-Ports, edit the data and make available on a screen and through a webbrowser on a Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and PC.

For a link with Android we have a   MBDC Keyboard   App which can enter the data as Keyboard-Entry in every Android-Application. (more info on our Android Service page)

For a link with Windows we have a   MBDC Keyboard   Program which can enter the data as Keyboard-Entry in every Windows-Application. (click for more info)

With the extra Control-Software the ComUnit can import an Excel-file like an animal stock with corresponding data, and calculate / compile a Table with 10 key figures.

With these values and 5 Inputs you can, according your preference, control 10 Outputs to offer a solution for every application.

Every value can be saved to a CSV-file and send to a FTP-server so it can be imported in other Software.

Click here for an example of a Customized-Report from Agrovision with the ComUnit.

Through a webbrowser on for example a Tablet, you can operate the Unit, enter values and switch the In- and Outputs manually.

Here an example of a Scale with RFID-reader to directly calculate the ID, Age, number of Teats, Index and Life Gain, show history like number of weighings, average weight, uniformity and thus controlling an Entry-port, Exit-port, Seperator and Markings.

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