MBDC Mobile    Nederlands

Mobile Devices are successfully used in all modern Management and Process Systems.
This is also the case in the Agricultural Sector for which MBDC is the Specialist.

The Mobile solutions from MBDC are suitable for almost all Android Applications such as PigExpert, PigVision, Farm Everywhere, Velos, ToNo, BHZP, etc.

All MBDC Moblie Devices can read Barcode, RFID and Bluetooth Scales via Keyboard entry, so multiple applications can be performed with 1 device.


C-One (Android 8.0)    Movie

C-One - Screen 4,5", 4-Core 1.4GHz, 2-16GB, 4G,

Battery 3300mAh, Camera 13MP, Barcode 2D, IP65, 400gr.

C-One - RFID-LF Agrident HDX/FDX - 16cm: 2.400,00

External LF-antenna - 20cm, 290gr: 300,00

Docking station: 150,00

Keyboard with Battery: 200,00





HHC8100 (Android 8.1)    Movie

HHC8100 - Screen 5.0", 4-Core 2.0GHz, 2-16GB, 4G, Battery 4800mAh,

Camera 8MP, Docking station, Barcode 2D,  IP66, 340gr.

HHC8100 - RFID-LF FDX - 11cm: 1.250,00

HHC8100 - RFID-UHF - 25cm: 1.350,00






Zebra (Android 10.0)    Movie

Zebra - Screen 5.0", 8-Core 1.8GHz, 3-32GB,

Battery 3100mAh, Camera 13MP, Barcode 2D, IP67, 240gr.

Zebra: 700,00

Zebra 4G: 800,00

Docking station: 100,00

Pistolgrip: 200,00






ZebraMC (Android 10.0)

ZebraMC - Screen 4.0", 8-Core 1.8GHz, 2-16GB, Numeric Keyboard,

Battery 3500mAh, Docking station, Barcode 2D, IP65, 320gr.

ZebraMC: 750,00

ZebraMC 4G: 850,00

Pistolgrip: 150,00








Armband for Zebra / Smartphone: 50,00







        MBDC SPP App   Android-App for reading Bluetooth devices such as Scales: 50,00







Supportset for Agrident Stickreader    Movie

Supportset for Agrident AWRxxx: 150,00












Agrident Stickreader

Agrident AWR250 - Bluetooth, RFID-LF HDX/FDX - 21cm, IP65, 650gr: 600,00





Agrident AWR300 - Bluetooth + Wifi, RFID-LF HDX/FDX - 21cm, IP67, 720gr: 1050,00






Agrident Portable Reader

Agrident APR250 - Bluetooth, RFID-LF HDX/FDX, IP65, 270gr: 500,00







Agrident APR600 - Bluetooth + Wifi, RFID-LF HDX/FDX, IP65, 280gr: 750,00








Agrident APR650 - Barcode 2D, Bluetooth + Wifi, RFID-LF HDX/FDX, 21cm, IP65, 300gr: 1050,00







Agrident Manuals



Stainless steel Tablet support

Stainless steel Tablet support: 150,00





Prices excluding VAT