MBDC C-One Service


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Agrident Wedge
Barcode Manager
Core Services
QuickSupport Add-On

Settings - Remap key & shortcut:
P1 - Remap key -BARCODE_SCAN
P2 - Remap shortcut -Agrident Wedge
P3 - Remap key -BUTTON_L1

AW Settings:
Scan sound: on
Scan display: on
Scan timeout: 3
Agrident service startup boot: on
Display agrident notification: on
Keyboard wedge: on
Wedge Scan Enter: on
Remove leading 0: on   (15 digits)

B-Manager / Barcode Settings

Scan sound: on
Scan display: off
Continuous mode: off
Scan timeout: 3
Barcode service startup boot: on
Keep barcode reader opened: on
Keyboard wedge: on
Wedge Scan Enter: on
Keyboard fast wedge: off


Code 39
Code 128
Data Matrix

Extra Battery:
Press button on the back for 1 second: the LED's will show
the battery status
Turn on Extra Battery:

Snap-on extra battery to C-One
Press button for 3 seconds
LED's will "run" and the powerlight of the C-One will go on
The extra battery will now charge the C-One

MBDC Keyboard Keycode: 102